Should Henry Makow be permanently banned from the Internet?

PETITION or POLL to have Henry Makow forever banned from the Internet

Has anyone ever seen anything like it?!  There is something really HUGE going on here.  And everyone is involved.  Every single one of us… whether we are on the net or not.

Every once in a great while someone leaves the reservation in such a way that the reservation ought to be off limits for him or her for the rest of their present incarnation.  We all know that the best way to deal with situations like these – usually – is to ignore them, and just let them go away.  However, the case of Henry Makow breaks all the rules, pushes the envelope to the outward bounds of utter madness and pure insanity.

For two straight weeks now many of us have witnessed the ravings of a madman in a way never witnessed on an alternative ‘news’ website. has simply busted all the pots and blown all the gaskets … every last one of ‘em.  And done so with a never-seen-before vengeance.  Forget the PHOENIX, ladies and gents, at least the firebird was able to rise from the ashes of its own funeral pyre.  This instant case only gets worse, and shows no signs of getting better.

Is Henry Makow the ultimate weapon fashioned to slay a truth-bringer and journalist on the alternative side of the internet?  God only knows, but we know one thing for sure – either Henry has lost his mind … or somebody has taken it over …completely … as in Manchurian Candidate style.

Who really controls

Without belaboring the point, many friends and foes alike have come together around this matter and proposed a quite extraordinary and radical solution to what has evolved into a quite extraordinary and intractable problem.

Click on the links below if you would like to participate in one of the extraordinary petitions currently circulating on the internet.  No digital signature required, just feel free to create your own petition or poll if you feel that Henry Makow should be forever banned from the internet.  With this initiative we are much more interested in providing those people with conscience an outlet – a vehicle with which to effectuate positive change regarding this serious – INTERNETWIDE – matter. Therefore, if you perceive the unprecedented level of ongoing character assassination being perpetrated by those who really control and administer you might take the extraordinary initiative that’s offered below.

For your serious contemplation: Shouldn’t the internet be viewed in the same manner as a side street in New York City, where many neighbors and other passersby might be caught witnessing a hideous assault or violent robbery of a powerless victim, and their response is to do absolutely nothing.  They turn their heads and amble off in a direction that ensures their non-action.

How many times have we heard and read on the net the following caveat, and not so subtle admonition: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Isn’t it time for us – people of conscience – to respond to this ongoing, patently criminal behavior?  If you think so, then please go to the link below and create your own petition or poll:
PETITION to permanently ban Henry Makow from the Internet
POLL to permanently ban Henry Makow from the Internet

Why should anyone be banned from using the internet, you ask? Why should anyone ever be barred from administering a website for the rest of their life?

For the relentless perpetration of malicious defamation of character by way of libel, committed with the deliberate intention and explicit purpose of character assassination, that’s why. If you were the victim of such an unrelenting and shocking public assault, how would you want the perpetrator dealt with?

For those who appreciate this endeavor but don’t want to participate in a Henry Makow-specific petition or poll, feel free to raise awareness about the core INTERNETWIDE issue by starting your own petition or poll. In this way your petition might read:

Sign This Petition To End Internet-driven Character Assassination

Or, perhaps a poll might ask the following question:

How should the worldwide internet community respond to those who DEFAME others with seeming impunity?

As you formulate your title or headline or question remember that: No one ever has the right to use the internet in order to conduct the “relentless perpetration of malicious defamation of character by way of libel (or slander), committed with the deliberate intention and explicit purpose of character assassination.” To do so is a crime — pure and simple — which any one of us can be the victim of at any time.

Whatever you choose to do, even if you only hold the intention of maintaining a character assassination-free world wide web, it will surely help. Perhaps you may be the one who contributes to the critical mass of necessary collective conscience to bring this highly destructive practice to a definitive end.