Why did Henry Makow CRASH and BURN… so dramatically?!

Henry Makow Crashes and Burns
Again and Again and Again

Nowhere in the annals of alternative internet journalism has anyone seen an individual so hellbent on complete and total self-destruction.

Can anyone offer a more woeful and hard-to-watch self immolation (with the exception of storied legends from Greek Mythology) than the one all of us are being forced to witness throughout HenryMakowLand?!?!

Honestly, we don’t think this Shakespearean tragedy can be outdone, unless of course the Phoenix himself decides that it’s time to take another plunge.

For those who are unaware, Henry Makow (rhymes with Wacko–>really does) of HenryMakow.com fame went from 0 to 120, without a parachute, and proceeded to crash and burn faster than you can say –  P H O E N  I X  –  throughout this past week.  For goodness sake, Henry, why did you fail to pull the cord and open up your chute?!  Just doesn’t make any sense, unless….

And why, pray tell, do you continue to repeat the same jump over and over when you see, and feel, for yourself the futility and insanity of such actions.  Have you not yet experienced sufficient remorse and regret, or pain and suffering, or self compassion and self worth which would compel any rational bloke from jumping yet again?

“Good God, Henry, Get A Grip On Yourself Old Boy!”   If not for your sake, then at least for ours.  It’s getting very difficult to watch this Canadian version of Hamlet.  You know – the crash… the burn… the fire and smoke… the burning flesh in the form of incessant and malicious character assassination.  We’re already force-fed all that stuff on the MSM evening news!

What caused Henry Makow to self-destruct?
Why did henrymakow.com go tabloid trash overnight?!

Why would anyone sacrifice their long-built internet platform, their good reputation, their many professional relationships, their lifelong message to the world?  Why?  To what end, Henry Makow, were you pushed into such a hapless predicament.  Please understand that we write this very sad commentary out of compassion for ‘one of our own’.  Truly it is an unfortunate story with a final ending that has yet to even manifest.  We do sincerely hope, however, that the next landing, if ole Henry is even able to make it back up, will be more gentle?

It appears that the story… behind the story… behind the story began with Henry’s inordinate desire to have a certain article posted at rense.com.  Just what kind of article would push a man into a pattern of behavior that would all but guarantee his permanent exile from the planetary cyber-perch he once enjoyed.  Shall we take a peek behind this curtain.

There was an article, which was recently published by a quickly up and coming internet writer, about Fukushima.  This particular article, its author, and especially the message it was designed to send, holds the key to understanding why henrymakow.com morphed into a tabloid trash site within the span of a week’s time.

This expose is to be continued by the writers of this piece who continue to investigate the true scene of this crime.  We fully acknowledge that we do have complete and unfettered access to the Jeff Rense side of the story.  We also enjoy longstanding journalistic relationships with many experts, insiders and journalists who have been deeply involved with the unprecedented and quite extraordinary global catastrophe known as:

All subsequent investigative installments will be found at this website.

In the meantime, the reader or internet researcher or armchair investigator (whatever you are) might want to consider the following:
Some of us find ourselves in extraordinary predicaments every once in a great while.
Where the wiggle has all but disappeared. Yes, that’s right – between a rock and a hard place – with absolutely no place to go.
However, we are still forced to act, compelled by some outside influence which is unyielding.
Up until that time we had simply been used; maybe wittingly, maybe unwittingly.
Unfortunately, now we have been given the goods and are expected to deliver them – promptly – as we did before.
Except that this time we are bumping up against the proverbial wall because of what is truly at stake:

As you further contemplate this enigmatic conundrum, you might want to consider how a single article could set off such a firestorm.

The ‘same’ article was posted at henrymakow.com as well as the originating site.

Here’s the website header of the original author’s site. Notice the henrymakow.com on the left:

Click on this screenshot to enlarge.

Now, sit back and ask yourself: What’s really going on here?

Why has Henry Makow given it all up for one simple article… that makes one VERY ‘essential’ statement… from an apparent ‘ex-insider’.

To be continued –

3 thoughts on “Why did Henry Makow CRASH and BURN… so dramatically?!

  1. We have closed the “Comments” section for obvious reasons; also we have no time to address those who know not what has actually transpired over the past 10 days.
    This is not about Fukushima, ladies and gentlemen. But there’s much more about that in the next installment.
    It is about Henry Makow crossing too many lines, transgressing too many generally accepted boundaries. No one has the right to assassinate character as he has…unrelentingly so!

    If you – dear reader – choose not to understand this then you probably do not know what he has done. Before you comment, find out the facts.
    Again, to post or not to post Henry’s submissions at rense.com is categorically not the issue according to Jeff Rense. When the editor of rense.com chooses not to publish a particular post on his website, THAT IS HIS RIGHT OF EDITORIAL LICENSE. Case closed! ! !

    Lastly, if you still do not understand then please read the following excellent advice – advice that Henry has yet to heed; hence we commenced Henry Makow Watch:

  2. Who are we? We try to be representative of the more noble and principled sentiments of the Collective Conscience. We try to identify those who have completely left the reservation – the reservation of civil discourse (no making stuff up to wound, maim, injure, incapacitate, flog, disfiguire or humiliate your neighbor), internet etiquette (no using poison pens to kill) and humane behavior (thou shalt not bear false witness against anyone, ever).

    The World Wide Web has become lawless and mean where it concerns malicious defamation of character with the explicit intention of character assassination. This state of affairs will no longer be tolerated… by many of us. Therefore, before you let one rip on your perceived enemy, you had better hide better than ANONYMOUS themselves.

    Daily now, reputations are being destroyed, businesses left in tatters, families broken apart, online communities shattered, financial conditions left in ruin, future job prospects decimated, lifelong relationships devastated, careers ended… in short, many are left broke, busted and disgusted because of:
    “Using Our Internet Platforms To Defame (by Libel or Slander) Is Character Assassination”

    Comprenez vous?
    Verstehen Sie?
    Tu entiendes or tu comprendes?
    Você entende?
    Hai capito?
    Вы понимаете меня?
    Czy rozumiesz?
    Hal tafham?/Hal tafhamiin?
    Wakari masu ka?
    Do we all understand?
    We sincerely hope that we have made ourselves perfectly clear in this regard.

  3. This WordPress.com (Alexa Global at 18; US rank at 20) Post is the 4th most popular in the world today, Sunday, February 19th as seen at the link below:
    Here’s why:
    This whole conflagration (remember the PHOENIX) has much more to do with the core issue of unacceptable exposure to character assassination, a profound vulnerability which all of us possess who use the net. Every time we push the keys and leave our name or ‘signatures’ or brand or business entity, we run the risk of being taken down. This is happening 24/7, 52 weeks a years, with no end in sight.

    Did you ever stop to think about the possibility that one strategically placed article, YouTube biopic, “review” of your business, facebook comment, childhood photo, etc. can wreck and ruin your public life… forever? Those that engage in such dubious behavior either do it out of jealousy or competition or hate… on the personal level. On the macro level they sometimes perpetrate these acts because there are forces behind them who compel them to do so. And then there are those instances where it is clearly a combination of both of these major co-factors.

    Where are we going? We have nothing against Henry Makow or his website. We take umbrage with his conduct. Conduct which has severely degraded the entire alternative internet. For those 3 defamatory articles which he wrote out of vengeance and spite he is paying the price of exposure. The light of awareness is being shone directly into this darkness with great purpose. It is meant to be instructive for each and every one of us reading this piece today.
    Gentlemen/women: This is positively not about Fukushima (although we do intend to open up that snake pit). This is truly about treatment that you, us, Jeff Rense, Henry Makow, etc. should NOT ever have to experience or suffer.

    Finally, if we were to convene a global cyber-conference about this ongoing state of epidemic, capricious, intentional, pernicious defamation of character perpetrated to assassinate others’ character on the internet, how many do you think would show? How many would WANT to attend, if they could participate anonymously and have their voices really heard?

    Who among you wouldn’t show up?

    Who among us wants to be the subject of a TOP “5” WordPress Blog?!

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