Henry “Wacko” Makow Officially Falls Off His Rocker

Fractures in the Truth Movement, Part 4: Tabloids and the Alternative Press

Henry “Wacko” Makow Officially Falls Off His Rocker

Brandon Dean
February 22nd, 2012

“There was a crooked man
Who walked a crooked mile
And found a crooked sixpence
Beside a crooked stile.
He bought a crooked cat
And it caught a crooked mouse
And they all lived together
In his little crooked house”

—anonymous English nursery rhyme

Henry Makow

Well, it’s been two and a half years since part 1 of this series, and it appears a few of my predictions have come to pass, in one form or another.  An enormous gulf has appeared in the supposed “truth movement,” or, as I call it, the Generational Freedom Movement (GFM).  To be specific, many gulfs have appeared between many factions in the GFM.  The danger is of everyone interested in the truth uniting under one flag.  This is akin to losing the war.  One group, with one leader, is easy to destroy.  Many groups, with many leaders, are much harder to destroy.  When a thousand nails are hammered into a board, and only one is sticking up, it is easy to hammer it down.  But when a hundred of those nails are sticking up, it’s a much bigger job.  In other words, be one of those nails that sticks up and makes it just that much more difficult for our enemies to get their job done…

So in that sense these fractures in the GFM are a good thing–a necessary thing, even.  Disinformation is a tricky subject, especially when you’re mainly dealing with people you don’t know personally.  Even though most people can’t help but let a little of their true selves show in their writing, it is still impossible to know for sure who you’re dealing with over the internet.  Then again, isn’t that the case in real life anyway?  People in general are terrified of projecting their true inner selves, and spend inordinate amounts of time and money creating walls to block their real selves from the world.  My point is that our best tool in this war is our own common sense.  If you don’t mind hearing some advice, trust your common sense more than what you see or hear, both of which can be manipulated.

To reiterate: it’s hard to know for sure who you’re dealing with in the GFM.  Sometimes authentic truth seekers can be turned into agents of the enemy.  Sometimes they were agents of the enemy from the very start.  Sometimes they really seem like agents of the enemy, but aren’t.

Agents of the Enemy
Before I get ahead of myself, however, I’d better define what I mean by “agent of the enemy.”  There are two basic varieties (though there are exceptions, of course): 1) the willful agent, and 2) the unwitting agent.

The willful agent purposely promotes the various “causes” our enemies promote, and decries the various causes our enemies decry.  They either do it as a job/career, or they are passionate enough in the cause to promote it in their spare time.  To an experienced truth hunter, they are pretty easy to spot, though the effectiveness of these agents varies greatly…

The unwitting agent is someone typically described as “brainwashed” by our enemies.  To state the obvious, they spout the opinions desired by our enemies, and are passionate about the topics our enemies want them to be passionate about.  To even the dilettante truth hunter, they are hard not to spot…

Both types of agents are dangerous to our side.  But the willful agents are a constant threat, because they actually sow dissent on our side.  They are willing to lie in any capacity to further their “cause.”  They fight either in the pursuit of money, or in the belief that their ends justify their means.

Introducing Henry Makow, Anti-Feminist
No one knew who Henry Makow was (though you’ll know he created the board game Scruples within approximately three seconds if you read any article of his, because he mentions it in pretty much every article he writes) until 2002, when Jeff Rense of Rense.com started linking to Makow’s site, which at first focused mainly on anti-feminism.  For many years a banner (which is no longer there) at the top of his site read “Fighting Feminism and the New World Order.” Now the man rarely discusses feminism in his writing, and few of his contributors’ articles are about the feminist hoax.

In any case, his original site, called “savethemales,” magically started receiving a phenomenal amount of traffic once Jeff Rense started linking to it.  And according to the Way Back Machine (aka The Internet Archive), which takes “snapshots” of websites every once in a while to preserve them for the public,Rense.com began listing “Henry Makow” as a contributor in November of 2002.  Again according to the Way Back Machine, Henry Makow’s special section at Rense.com lasted at least until November of 2011(that’s as recent as the Way Back Machine records at the moment).  That entire time, Jeff Rense has probably been responsible for most of the traffic at Henry Makow’s site, and as far as anyone knows, has never asked for anything from Makow in return.  Again, Makow’s traffic shot up dramatically after Rense began linking to his site.  Something tells me it’s going to drop dramatically now that Rense will no longer link to it…

In the early days of Rense linking to Makow, Makow promoted himself as a former Jew turned Christian, and often used Christianity to justify his outrageously stringent views on a woman’s place in the household.  Though very opinionated (sometimes to the point of seeming insane), his original articles rang true with more than a few males (and females).  I thought he focused overly on feminism, to the point that it seemed he had something against women, but I liked his writing style, and he seemed harmless enough.  I don’t agree with everything anyone says, so I don’t expect to see eye to eye with anyone completely.

After a couple years of this, he started focusing more on the supposed collusion of what he calls “the Christian Illuminati” and Zionism.  He had always been pretty open about Zionism in general, which was another thing I’d respected about the man originally.  But after some time, it became obvious he was using this anti-Zionist stance to reach certain audiences within the GFM–namely the audience he had gained thanks to Jeff Rense.  He started tying everything to this premise, and anyone but a moron should know one can’t approach a subject with an open mind if one starts with the conclusion.  This was when I became disenchanted with the man as an author and “researcher.”  I had begun to seriously wonder about Henry Makow…

Around this time is when Makow started posting “contributor” articles.  His personal articles began to sound more and more paranoid, and were less and less about feminism.  He chose rather to focus on wacko Satanists and evil Christian Zionists.  Most of these contributor articles were (and still are) ill-researched, not sourced, and just crappy writing in general.

The article that broke the camel’s back for me was an article Makow himself wrote on August 22nd, 2009, entitled “Boy Scouts-Model of Masonic Subversion?” in which he basically accuses Robert Baden Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts, of being a homosexual pedophile who started the Boy Scouts as a front so him and his elite buddies could have access to little boys.  But there was absolutely no substance to, or evidence (let alone proof) of,  the accusations he was making against Powell.  It was simple character assassination.

Being someone who gained a lot in my life through my years in the Boy Scouts, I felt the need to point out Makow’s specious reasoning, and to set the record straight.  I wrote a rebuttal in the form of an article the same day entitled “Has Henry Makow Lost His Mind? Makow Points the ‘Freemasonic’ Finger at the Boy Scouts of America.”  From that day on, I never read Henry Makow’s writing again.

Henry Makow and the Hand That Fed Him
As he has revealed in the last couple weeks, Jeff Rense was having the same growing reservations I was about Henry Makow over the last few years.  Before the matter became public, Rense sent Makow an email informing him that, though he’d still link to the articles Makow himself wrote, he no longer wanted to link to Makow’s contributor articles.  This sent Makow into a blind rage which he seems to still be in the depths of.

Like the rest of the growing list of supposed “truth movement leaders” who have nutted up on Jeff Rense out of the blue in the last year or two, Makow’s tyrade rings of tried and true zionist tactics straight out of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  It’s getting unbelievable at this point.

There are few explanations of Makow’s behavior beyond the obvious choices, which I listed above, in the section called “Agents of the Enemy.”  Makow has been co-opted in one fashion or another, plain and simple.  I have no idea what may have happened to make him turn from what he was in 2002 to what he is now, but it’s obvious something has happened.  Why would any sane person completely burn the only bridge they ever had to international exposure in the alternative press for such an asinine reason?  Many people would absolutely love to have Jeff Rense regularly link to their writing.

Makow has spent the last week spewing juvenile lies about Jeff Rense, and even has the balls to criticize Rense’s personal life, like that has anything to do with the GFM.  Here are a few examples of Makow’s post titles in the last week (I won’t do Makow the favor of linking to them):

Jeff Rense is “The Bachelor.”
Jeff Rense — Please get professional help immediately — This is very painful
Jeff Rense has been married 5-10 times.
Rense Steps in It

Some of these tall tales would be hilarious if it weren’t for the fact that this is Henry Makow’s feeble attempt to destroy another man’s career–another man who seemingly did nothing but help him get exposure.  Henry Makow seems to have devolved from a scholarly–though reactionary and extremely opinionated–researcher to a raving lunatic in a matter of ten years.  I mean, did he just go off his meds or something?  The gradual decline he was headed down for years all of a sudden turned into a giant pile of dog shit, and Henry “Wacko” Makow fell in face first…

So I have to ask myself: why the charade?  Was he planning this reaction if Rense ever decided to axe him or his “contributors?”  Was he told to react this way?  Was he told not to react this way?  Did he just lose it?  There are a lot of questions all of a sudden that I’d like answered about old Wacko Mackow.  Whereas I just didn’t care about him any longer after the Boy Scouts crap, now I have become interested.  I’ve been asking myself for a couple years now why the hell Jeff Rense still linked to Makow’s site, but the answer turned out to be far more intriguing than i thought it would.  Henry Makow went (in my book anyway) from being a kooky anti-feminist Canadian guy who was very very proud of his achievements in the field of board games, to yet another ranting, salivating wingnut slinging mud at Jeff Rense.

So about the charade: I guess we’re going to have to wait and see for sure what the real deal is (if we ever find out), but my opinion is that it is pretty obvious Makow was co-opted at the very latest at some point in 2009, if not from the very beginning of his “truth-telling” career.  Whether he or a loved one was threatened, or a financial fortune was threatened, etc., I do not know, but something has finally exploded from the dirty little closet it was hiding in inside Henry Makow’s mind, and it seems he would love to take Jeff Rense with him.

As the character assassins line up one after the other to destroy the big names in the GFM, they really turn out to be more akin to character suicide bombers.  The problem for them is that their bombs are only killing themselves, and are missing their targets entirely.  These people are not viewed as martyrs, but as traitors.  And we all know (or we all should know anyway) what happened to Benedict Arnold after he went to the side of the British during the Revolutionary War.  He was made a redcoat general, but no one trusts a traitor, and he was an outcast in the British Army, and given no meaningful commissions.  Second Lieutenants didn’t even want to know him.  He simply succeeded in making his name as associated with betrayal as Q-Tip brand cotton swabs are associated with cotton swabs.

We are remembered for our actions first, and for our words or ideas later, if at all.  Lies have a beginning and an end just like anything in this universe.  The longer they are maintained, the moldier and more decrepit they become.  And it’s got to be very difficult to hold on to moldy old decrepit lies.  Eventually the liar must let go of the lie, even if death has to take it from him.  In short, Henry Makow was doomed from the start to be exposed as the cockroach he is.  We should all be grateful he didn’t take anyone else down with him, unless of course you include the clique of zionist agents–I mean, uhh, “contributors”–he has “working for him.”

“You are simply a liar,
An animal who bluffs and steals,
Until he becomes
A bigger creature’s meal”

—Jeffrey Lee Pierce

© Brandon Dean, 2012

Should Henry Makow be permanently banned from the Internet?

PETITION or POLL to have Henry Makow forever banned from the Internet

Has anyone ever seen anything like it?!  There is something really HUGE going on here.  And everyone is involved.  Every single one of us… whether we are on the net or not.

Every once in a great while someone leaves the reservation in such a way that the reservation ought to be off limits for him or her for the rest of their present incarnation.  We all know that the best way to deal with situations like these – usually – is to ignore them, and just let them go away.  However, the case of Henry Makow breaks all the rules, pushes the envelope to the outward bounds of utter madness and pure insanity.

For two straight weeks now many of us have witnessed the ravings of a madman in a way never witnessed on an alternative ‘news’ website.  Henrymakow.com has simply busted all the pots and blown all the gaskets … every last one of ‘em.  And done so with a never-seen-before vengeance.  Forget the PHOENIX, ladies and gents, at least the firebird was able to rise from the ashes of its own funeral pyre.  This instant case only gets worse, and shows no signs of getting better.

Is Henry Makow the ultimate weapon fashioned to slay a truth-bringer and journalist on the alternative side of the internet?  God only knows, but we know one thing for sure – either Henry has lost his mind … or somebody has taken it over …completely … as in Manchurian Candidate style.

Who really controls HenryMakow.com?

Without belaboring the point, many friends and foes alike have come together around this matter and proposed a quite extraordinary and radical solution to what has evolved into a quite extraordinary and intractable problem.

Click on the links below if you would like to participate in one of the extraordinary petitions currently circulating on the internet.  No digital signature required, just feel free to create your own petition or poll if you feel that Henry Makow should be forever banned from the internet.  With this initiative we are much more interested in providing those people with conscience an outlet – a vehicle with which to effectuate positive change regarding this serious – INTERNETWIDE – matter. Therefore, if you perceive the unprecedented level of ongoing character assassination being perpetrated by those who really control and administer HenryMakow.com you might take the extraordinary initiative that’s offered below.

For your serious contemplation: Shouldn’t the internet be viewed in the same manner as a side street in New York City, where many neighbors and other passersby might be caught witnessing a hideous assault or violent robbery of a powerless victim, and their response is to do absolutely nothing.  They turn their heads and amble off in a direction that ensures their non-action.

How many times have we heard and read on the net the following caveat, and not so subtle admonition: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Isn’t it time for us – people of conscience – to respond to this ongoing, patently criminal behavior?  If you think so, then please go to the link below and create your own petition or poll:
PETITION to permanently ban Henry Makow from the Internet
POLL to permanently ban Henry Makow from the Internet

Why should anyone be banned from using the internet, you ask? Why should anyone ever be barred from administering a website for the rest of their life?

For the relentless perpetration of malicious defamation of character by way of libel, committed with the deliberate intention and explicit purpose of character assassination, that’s why. If you were the victim of such an unrelenting and shocking public assault, how would you want the perpetrator dealt with?

For those who appreciate this endeavor but don’t want to participate in a Henry Makow-specific petition or poll, feel free to raise awareness about the core INTERNETWIDE issue by starting your own petition or poll. In this way your petition might read:

Sign This Petition To End Internet-driven Character Assassination

Or, perhaps a poll might ask the following question:

How should the worldwide internet community respond to those who DEFAME others with seeming impunity?

As you formulate your title or headline or question remember that: No one ever has the right to use the internet in order to conduct the “relentless perpetration of malicious defamation of character by way of libel (or slander), committed with the deliberate intention and explicit purpose of character assassination.” To do so is a crime — pure and simple — which any one of us can be the victim of at any time.

Whatever you choose to do, even if you only hold the intention of maintaining a character assassination-free world wide web, it will surely help. Perhaps you may be the one who contributes to the critical mass of necessary collective conscience to bring this highly destructive practice to a definitive end.

Why did Henry Makow CRASH and BURN… so dramatically?!

Henry Makow Crashes and Burns
Again and Again and Again

Nowhere in the annals of alternative internet journalism has anyone seen an individual so hellbent on complete and total self-destruction.

Can anyone offer a more woeful and hard-to-watch self immolation (with the exception of storied legends from Greek Mythology) than the one all of us are being forced to witness throughout HenryMakowLand?!?!

Honestly, we don’t think this Shakespearean tragedy can be outdone, unless of course the Phoenix himself decides that it’s time to take another plunge.

For those who are unaware, Henry Makow (rhymes with Wacko–>really does) of HenryMakow.com fame went from 0 to 120, without a parachute, and proceeded to crash and burn faster than you can say –  P H O E N  I X  –  throughout this past week.  For goodness sake, Henry, why did you fail to pull the cord and open up your chute?!  Just doesn’t make any sense, unless….

And why, pray tell, do you continue to repeat the same jump over and over when you see, and feel, for yourself the futility and insanity of such actions.  Have you not yet experienced sufficient remorse and regret, or pain and suffering, or self compassion and self worth which would compel any rational bloke from jumping yet again?

“Good God, Henry, Get A Grip On Yourself Old Boy!”   If not for your sake, then at least for ours.  It’s getting very difficult to watch this Canadian version of Hamlet.  You know – the crash… the burn… the fire and smoke… the burning flesh in the form of incessant and malicious character assassination.  We’re already force-fed all that stuff on the MSM evening news!

What caused Henry Makow to self-destruct?
Why did henrymakow.com go tabloid trash overnight?!

Why would anyone sacrifice their long-built internet platform, their good reputation, their many professional relationships, their lifelong message to the world?  Why?  To what end, Henry Makow, were you pushed into such a hapless predicament.  Please understand that we write this very sad commentary out of compassion for ‘one of our own’.  Truly it is an unfortunate story with a final ending that has yet to even manifest.  We do sincerely hope, however, that the next landing, if ole Henry is even able to make it back up, will be more gentle?

It appears that the story… behind the story… behind the story began with Henry’s inordinate desire to have a certain article posted at rense.com.  Just what kind of article would push a man into a pattern of behavior that would all but guarantee his permanent exile from the planetary cyber-perch he once enjoyed.  Shall we take a peek behind this curtain.

There was an article, which was recently published by a quickly up and coming internet writer, about Fukushima.  This particular article, its author, and especially the message it was designed to send, holds the key to understanding why henrymakow.com morphed into a tabloid trash site within the span of a week’s time.

This expose is to be continued by the writers of this piece who continue to investigate the true scene of this crime.  We fully acknowledge that we do have complete and unfettered access to the Jeff Rense side of the story.  We also enjoy longstanding journalistic relationships with many experts, insiders and journalists who have been deeply involved with the unprecedented and quite extraordinary global catastrophe known as:

All subsequent investigative installments will be found at this website.

In the meantime, the reader or internet researcher or armchair investigator (whatever you are) might want to consider the following:
Some of us find ourselves in extraordinary predicaments every once in a great while.
Where the wiggle has all but disappeared. Yes, that’s right – between a rock and a hard place – with absolutely no place to go.
However, we are still forced to act, compelled by some outside influence which is unyielding.
Up until that time we had simply been used; maybe wittingly, maybe unwittingly.
Unfortunately, now we have been given the goods and are expected to deliver them – promptly – as we did before.
Except that this time we are bumping up against the proverbial wall because of what is truly at stake:

As you further contemplate this enigmatic conundrum, you might want to consider how a single article could set off such a firestorm.

The ‘same’ article was posted at henrymakow.com as well as the originating site.

Here’s the website header of the original author’s site. Notice the henrymakow.com on the left:

Click on this screenshot to enlarge.

Now, sit back and ask yourself: What’s really going on here?

Why has Henry Makow given it all up for one simple article… that makes one VERY ‘essential’ statement… from an apparent ‘ex-insider’.

To be continued –